Pest Inspection Vancouver

Pest Inspection

Are you pondering whether or not you have a pest problem? Do you wish to be sure about it?

Termite and timber pest activity is one of the biggest risks while you purchase a home. It can also be the most tricky to detect and the amount of damage is very hard to find out without an all-encompassing inspection.

Why pest detective Vancouver?

Prior to purchasing a new home/property, a pest inspection is indispensable to make out any pest activity, in particular from termites, which can be creating internal harm to the structure of the property. Moreover, a wide-ranging home inspection including the structural pest inspection is a significant part of buying, selling, and managing a home.

Why hire best pest inspection Vancouver?

We are eco-friendly pest control in Vancouver who offers a guaranteed year-round protection of your family and home from harmful pests.  Our pest inspection Vancouver service can help in identifying whether any wood-destroying organisms, like termites, wood-decay fungus, beetles and destructive ants are present in the structure.

Our pest inspection services are available for:

  • Pest Control Service
  • Pre Purchase Inspection
  • Pest & Termite Inspection
  • Asbestos Audit Report
  • Building Inspection
  • Termite Treatment
  • Condition Report
  • Pool Inspection

A termite & timber pest inspection before property purchase considers factors like:

  • Indication of live termite activity like damaged timbers, mud leads, and clear termite species
  • Evidence of conditions encouraging termite and timber pest activities
  • Proof of previous damage or activity which is at present inactive
  • Evidence of past termite treatments which possibly is defensive in nature or termite management systems planned to act as an early caution
  • Some of the factors such as the existence of various timber pests like wood borers and circumstances like wood rot and chemical delignification are also to be considered.
  • Our certified professional will perform a pest inspection to find out whether a structure has been damaged by bugs, insects, dry rot, or termites.

Buying a new home is a big decision – and can be very costly. So, protect yourself from future problems by having your future home inspected by us before you decide to buy.

If you are thinking of buying some property, call us at (778) 654-7205 and let us inspect the property for you first.